I solve complex design problems

With over a decade of experience, I help companies ship intentional, user-friendly applications that just work.

Hi there! I'm Ray.

I help companies create or improve their web applications with modern design so they can gain more users, sell more things or otherwise thrive. With nearly ten years of industry experience – I specialize in problem-solving for complex web apps and frequently consult with companies large and small to improve their product design. 

Currently, I am employed by Inductive Automation where I am contributing to the powerful software suite, Ignition by Inductive Automation®. Previously I was with Creativedash, leading all internal digital projects and consulting with countless clients. I had the great pleasure of collaborating with the incredibly talented folks from companies such as Huawei, PayPal and InVision.

I also contributed to software projects in my four years as a Senior UI Designer with Hewlett Packard. There I was positioned on an agile software development team in Research and Development. I worked on web applications for emerging technologies including augmented reality, digital watermarking and 3D printing.

Work Hard & Be Nice To People.

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