I solve complex design problems

With over a decade of experience, I help companies ship intentional, user-friendly applications that just work.

Hi there! I'm Ray.

I help companies create or improve their web applications with modern design so they can gain more users, sell more things or otherwise thrive. I'm a Digital Product Designer with nearly ten years of industry experience. I specialize in problem-solving for complex web apps and frequently consult with companies large and small to improve their software design.

Currently, I am employed by Inductive Automation where I am contributing to the powerful software suite, Ignition by Inductive Automation®. Previously I was with Creativedash, leading all internal digital projects and consulting with countless clients. I had the great pleasure of collaborating with the incredibly talented folks from companies such as Huawei, PayPal and InVision.

Before that I contributed to software projects in my four years as a Senior UI Designer with Hewlett Packard. There I was positioned on an agile software development team in the Research and Development department. I worked on web applications for emerging technologies including augmented reality, digital watermarking and 3D printing.

Hobbies & Such

creativemornings sacramento

I believe in the power of community and help to organize my local CreativeMornings Sacramento chapter. Among general planning responsibilities I lead the digital email communications and our Twitter feed.

mountain biking

Recently, I’ve picked up mountain biking with new friends in Sacramento. It’s an amazing way to excercise while having a blast and exploring new places. My favorite places to ride are Lake Natoma and Mendocino. Follow me on Strava, I’d love to meet up and hit the trail sometime.

Dashboard Design course

I love to teach what I know to others and mentor designers earlier on in their career. I’m actively developing an online course on the subject of Designing Effective Dashboards. This subject is highly interesting to me and I feel that there’s little to no training on it yet. Get notified when I launch. 

letterpress printing

I love getting my hands dirty offscreen and occassionally spin up my old letterpress machine at home with my wife. Our press is from 1909 and we focus on fine print for special occassions like weddings and birth announcements. Check out some of our work here. 

Family & Friends

Spending time with friends and family is among my favorite things to do. We love a good board game (Settlers of Catan, bring it on!) or a relaxing day at a local winery. My wife and I enjoy home improvement projects and spending time with our American Dingo, Penny. 

Work Hard & Be Nice To People.

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