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Remote Work. Right Now.


Breathe in the inspiration.

Remote work gives you the power to craft your own life.

It seems that the slow transition to larger remote workforces in the technology space has finally begun. The many benefits of working remotely combined with the pitfalls of modern offices and the current robustness of remote-enabling technology have finally culminated in this perfect moment. The time is finally right for remote work, right now.

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Team Building Through Tech Talks

Throughout my time as a Senior UI Designer with HP, I was embedded within an agile software development team. It was during this time in my career that I grew most substantially as a designer. Much of that can be attributed to our great Product Managers who worked tirelessly to promote learning within the team culture. This manifested in one form as a weekly meeting dubbed the Tech Talk. I’ve since come to realize the massive growth potential within these unique meetings.

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Choosing & Charging Clients

If you’re in a product design or strategy role, this article should help you to hone in on who to work with and how to charge them fairly. This applies to those that have made the switch from a simple user interface design role to one who provides product design services.


Letterpress poster by Erik Spiekermann – website.

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Leveling Up: From UI to Product Design

Setting arbitrary titles aside for a moment – this article is really about the transition many designers make between simply designing for beauty and designing for something more. It’s about the true role of a designer in problem solving and how that relates to communication with the client and user.

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