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11/22/2013 - No Comments!

What Bitcoin Is Not

The adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC)  has been building for many years, since it's anonymous introduction to the world in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, in these last few weeks the digital crypto-currency has escalated to new heights, both publicly and monetarily. In the last few days, the term Bitcoin has been a top-runner amongst Google's hot searches and trends, leading to thousands of articles, discussions and tweets around the world. Sadly, the fact remains that the majority of people still don't understand a few core concepts behind the digital currency.

 People fear most what they don't understand.

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08/16/2013 - No Comments!

Strengthen Your CSS Layout Skills

All skills will be forgotten without regular practice. When I think of all the facts and skills I've memorized at some point in my life for a test or one-time exercise, it's truly baffling. While I'm sure this knowledge is rolling around in my gray matter somewhere, my knowledge of the path leading to it has been lost for years.

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07/28/2013 - No Comments!

CSS for designers! (session two)

In my second seminar with internal design teams, I switched from the basics to some broader concepts that permeate throughout CSS. This session covers the topics of Values & units, web typography and ends with a deep explanation of the box model. Let's dive in!

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07/16/2013 - No Comments!

Responsive Retrofitting, Case Study

With or without justin productions logo

Recently, I revisited a side project website that I had built for a close friend of mine some years back. I'd originally used WordPress as a content management system; being that my friend had experience with it and an intention of blogging as a creative outlet. Since crafting the original design, I've learned a lot of new & powerful CSS skills. Most importantly, a working knowledge of responsive web design and some advanced CSS3 properties. I'd been looking for an outlet to apply these new skills, and decided to revisit this project.

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07/10/2013 - 1 comment.

Painless Print Style Sheets

In today's mobile-first and responsive web design-crazed climate, it can be easy to neglect the basics. While we learn how to utilize & bend CSS3 media queries to create more immersive web experiences, it can be easy to neglect the original media query, print.

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07/09/2013 - No Comments!

Better Product Definition with Lean UX & Design Thinking

In his webcast, Better Product Definition with Lean UX & Design Thinking, Eric Ries - creator of lean startup - explained how better up front definition of your product can benefit a lean design environment. Jeff Gothelf - a designer & Agile practitioner - joined the webinar for some early Q & A and background on this new thought process. These are my notes from their webcast.

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06/26/2013 - No Comments!

The Importance of Testing on Mobile Devices

Today, the web is everywhere and additional devices are continuously being released. Each of these mobile devices has a unique interaction pattern and physical form factors that can lead to design and development challenges. By testing your software early and often with actual devices, you'll be more successful in developing device-agnostic experiences across them all. As designers, we're responsible for familiarizing ourselves with the multitude of devices our software may experienced on by actual users and working towards optimizing each of these experiences. It's time to put down your iPhone and get out of your comfort zone.

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06/24/2013 - No Comments!

CSS for designers! (session one)

This is the first session of a series I'll be delivering to my design team, crafted to introduce CSS in an approachable way. I'm by no means an expert on the subject, just passing along what knowledge I do have for the overall betterment of my team. My hope is to peak designer's interest and basic understanding of CSS, motivating all to learn more robustly on their own.

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