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05/30/2013 - No Comments!

Multi-Device Web Design & Beyond

San Diego Web Design Conference

On the final day of San Diego's 2013 An Event Apart conference, Luke Wroblewski delivered an all day workshop on multi-device web design. Luke managed to deliver a consistently captivating presentation throughout the seven hour workshop. He presented a vast amount of information, (nearly a 250 page workbook!) and practical methods for putting these responsive web design techniques to use. Most importantly, he spent much of the session discussing the history of this interesting subject, imparting the knowledge of how we got this point, justifying the current need for multi-device websites. Here are my notes from his session:

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05/28/2013 - No Comments!

OMG. We Need a Mobile App, Notes

Today's Nerdery webcast was hosted by Ryan Carlson and centered around mobile application design best practices. Specifically, Meghan Casey, content strategist, and Hannah Grossman, user experience designer, explained and answered the audience's questions regarding their workflow when a client comes to them with the ambiguous statement, OMG. We need a mobile app! Both Meghan and Hannah currently work at the Nerdery.

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05/22/2013 - 1 comment.

Substring Matching Attribute Selectors

Using substring matching attribute selectors, enables you to add very specific and powerful CSS styling to a page without adding any nasty, non-semantic HTML. I've found that this advanced CSS selector technique is best demonstrated within the common situation of adding colored social media links to your website. As an example, let's say I want two social media links in my footer; each colored with the site's respective primary branding color. Traditionally, I would target each of these elements, with an ID:

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05/18/2013 - No Comments!

Oversized Scrabble Game Table

Growing up, we were a games family. Every vacation or family gathering inherently included stacks of board games, rummikub tiles and playing cards strewn about the main table. This is what inspired my 2012 Christmas gift for my mom, Queen of scrabble.

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05/12/2013 - No Comments!

User-Select CSS

While watching a Treehouse video on responsive web design, they threw in a little tidbit that I hadn't come across yet, and found very useful. What's a blog for, if not sharing this stuff? Here's the rub.

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03/20/2013 - No Comments!

Responsive Web Design Bootcamp, Notes

In his webcast Responsive Web Design (RWD) Bootcamp hosted by O'Reilly Books, Jonathan Stark introduces the core concepts behind RWD and his recommended best practices for getting started in this evolving movement. Jonathan has authored three O'Reilly books including Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS & JavaScript & Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

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02/06/2013 - No Comments!

Hello World!

I've finally done it! I've launched a long overdue redesign to my personal website. While it's still very much in the beginning stages, this will evolve into my happy place where I'll share notes on design as well as snapshots of professional & personal projects with the world.

My primary goal behind this redesign was to create a device-agnostic experience with a focus on highly readable typography that conveys genuine personality.

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