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09/03/2014 - No Comments!

Treehouse Review

As a self-taught web designer and aspiring front-end developer, I'm always on the lookout to learn something new. My knowledge of web design and basic coding began with HTML email designs using inline CSS styles. This starting point led to many many books being read along with hours of troubleshooting on forums, bringing me to the sphere of hacking together my own webpages. I've since gotten a fair amount of formal training in the web languages of HTML & CSS and corresponding preprocessed languages. I personally learn best by doing, as do many others in this field, which is why I decided to try out the online code school, Team Treehouse. It's branded as a lighthearted web application, with some serious content.

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08/18/2014 - 1 comment.

Sass for Web Designers

Wow - another great book from the folks over at A Book Apart. After reading most of the series up until now, I was more than excited to hear of their newest release - Sass for Web Designers. If you’re not familiar with this series of books, I cannot recommend them enough. They are, as told by ABA themselves, brief books for people that make websites. They act as quick, concise reads that can ramp up a new skill for a web designer of any skill level.

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03/20/2014 - No Comments!

SXSW 2014 – Highlights & Trends

SXSW is a lot to take in over a few short days. Attendees find themselves up at the crack of dawn and operating at 100% until deep into the night. After some public transportation and a few short hours of sleep, the cycle begins again. This was my first year at the conference and I wasn't exactly sure what to expect beyond the crowds and tasty Austin food. By the end of the conference, I realized that I had underestimated both. The crowds of geeks and designers were teeming, while the food was simply incredible.

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11/22/2013 - No Comments!

What Bitcoin Is Not

The adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC)  has been building for many years, since it's anonymous introduction to the world in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. However, in these last few weeks the digital crypto-currency has escalated to new heights, both publicly and monetarily. In the last few days, the term Bitcoin has been a top-runner amongst Google's hot searches and trends, leading to thousands of articles, discussions and tweets around the world. Sadly, the fact remains that the majority of people still don't understand a few core concepts behind the digital currency.

 People fear most what they don't understand.

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08/16/2013 - No Comments!

Strengthen Your CSS Layout Skills

All skills will be forgotten without regular practice. When I think of all the facts and skills I've memorized at some point in my life for a test or one-time exercise, it's truly baffling. While I'm sure this knowledge is rolling around in my gray matter somewhere, my knowledge of the path leading to it has been lost for years.

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07/28/2013 - No Comments!

CSS for designers! (session two)

In my second seminar with internal design teams, I switched from the basics to some broader concepts that permeate throughout CSS. This session covers the topics of Values & units, web typography and ends with a deep explanation of the box model. Let's dive in!

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06/24/2013 - No Comments!

CSS for designers! (session one)

This is the first session of a series I'll be delivering to my design team, crafted to introduce CSS in an approachable way. I'm by no means an expert on the subject, just passing along what knowledge I do have for the overall betterment of my team. My hope is to peak designer's interest and basic understanding of CSS, motivating all to learn more robustly on their own.

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05/12/2013 - No Comments!

User-Select CSS

While watching a Treehouse video on responsive web design, they threw in a little tidbit that I hadn't come across yet, and found very useful. What's a blog for, if not sharing this stuff? Here's the rub.

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