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Hello World!

I've finally done it! I've launched a long overdue redesign to my personal website. While it's still very much in the beginning stages, this will evolve into my happy place where I'll share notes on design as well as snapshots of professional & personal projects with the world.

My primary goal behind this redesign was to create a device-agnostic experience with a focus on highly readable typography that conveys genuine personality.

When I first approached the redesign of my website, I did a lot brainstorming about what core functions I wanted this site to serve. After much thought I realized that currently I don't have much need for an online portfolio. Showcasing recent work is all good & well, but I'm more interested in sharing my overall process, thoughts & side fun projects. I'm a firm believer in that what you do outside of your day job greatly influences your professional outlook as a designer.

Portfolio websites I've coded up in the past always seemed to become outdated as soon as I published them. Thus, I decided to move forward with WordPress as a content management platform and custom build my theme from the ground up, to ensure total control of the look and feel. The decision to use a CMS like WordPress also supported my need to be able to frequently update and post on the go, from anywhere.

Lately, I've been heavily immersed in responsive web design work, so naturally I decided to approach this site mobile-first, while embracing the innate flexibility of the web. All aspects of the site are design in a future-friendly way, allowing for my content to responsively adapt to you, the user's method of accessing it. Enjoy! -Ray

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I'm semi-insane about keeping a clean inbox, which means I'm always available to answer your questions or chat on gmail.

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Thanks & Colophon

Thanks so much to the following internet superstars for helping to making my website possible, or at least a little bit easier.

  • Thembly for their rock solid foundation theme, Bones.
  • WordPress for continuously making the web a more beautiful & accessible place.
  • Crunch for compiling & minifying all of my LESS code.
  • TypeKit for serving the typeface Adelle.
  • Google Fonts for serving the typefaces Merriweather & Roboto Sans.
  • Grid Lover for helping make web typography proportions more meaningful.
  • Glyphicons for the well-designed icons.
  • Font Awesome for even more well-designed icons.
  • IcoMoon for allowing me to build my custom icon font so easily.
  • Media Temple for their unparalleled hosting and customer service team.
  • Subtle Patterns for their oh-so-sexy & subtle patterns.

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