Design Agency Website

Design Agency Website


I was hired by a digital branding and design agency to redesign their website. This agency specializes in solving business problems for companies through the power of design. They craft custom tools and processes which empower brands to thrive.

After meeting in-person to kick off the project and brainstorm the design's direction, we decided to approach it from a storytelling point of view with a focus on extensive case studies and really highlighting the ethos of the agency.



90% Remote


6 months



I approached this web design from a UX perspective, with a full research & planning phase that included personas, story boards and content outlines. 

By establishing these tools up-front I was able to reference back to these throughout the project to test against any assumptions I was making in my design decisions. This enabled me to stick to a design that suited the needs of the agency's ideal user and prospective clients. 

At this point I started translating the content outlines into visual design directions. I began with mood boards and UI mocks of what the landing pages may look like. After presenting the concepts to the team and collaborating on look & feel, we decided to go in the lighter direction, as it better represented the positivity and relatability of this particular agency. 

With the final design direction established, I iterated a few times on the UI elements and polishing of each unique screen. In the end, the new design became a wholistic representation of the agency and their collaborative, creative ethos.