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Oversized Scrabble Game Table

Growing up, we were a games family. Every vacation or family gathering inherently included stacks of board games, rummikub tiles and playing cards strewn about the main table. This is what inspired my 2012 Christmas gift for my mom, Queen of scrabble.

My first step was to find the right tiles for the job. I took to the web, visited many local stores and ended up finding the perfect dealer on Craigslst, of all places. This nice woman travels to Mexico multiple times a week, buying up massive quanities of these hand painted Talvera tiles and bringing them back to the states for resale. I was overwhelmed by the vast quantity and variety of tiles in her workspace to choose from.

Scrabble Tiles

After literally hours of rearranging and contemplation, I decided on my green color theme (mom's favorite) and photographed all of the green tiles present.

Green talavera tiles Green talavera tiles

Next, I took to my computer and opened up InDesign. Using this as a mock layout tool, I generated many versions of the scrabble board pattern, seeing which layout pattern of tiles and textures was most pleasant.

Scrabble Pattern -Mock

Once I'd decided on a pattern, I laid out all of the tiles to get a real picture of the projected outcome and to determine grout size, and table dimensions. I really lucked out on Craigslist again in finding the PERFECT sized table. It even had an inset table top for me to lay the tiles and grout, for a cool $40! Needless to say, I jumped on it and moved forward to the next step, laying the tiles.

large outdoor scrabble game

With my lovely Fiance Lyndee, good pal Bo and a few beers we spent an hour so laying the tiles onto a sticky pad the fine folks at home depot had recommended in lieu of a fully cement base. Next came some messy studio-apartment style grouting, and viola. It was completed, and had come out surprisingly well!

making huge scrabble board

I then drove the beast up North to it's current (and my past) home in the Central Valley, to reveal to mom on Christmas morning.

The table has since become a family favorite, resurrecting game nights in our household.

While the scrabble board was designed and constructed to endure the outdoor world, it now resides full time in the living room, putting the old coffee table to the curb!

outdoor scrabble table


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